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Movie Collection 4 |VOICE 1 Photographer : Scott Lynn Riley


Here we have posted messages from people who have seen “Tsukijiko”.
Please take a look at the comments and explanations based on the knowledge and personal perspectives of each person’s field of expertise.


人、活動、美しい道具、機械、木材から石材まであらゆる種類の材料、ガラス、そして、コミュニティや祭りを映し出しています。 それらすべてがとても素晴らしいです。
しかしもうひとつ、写真家としてとても興味深いことがあります。彼の空間の捉え方は他の人とは違います。 特に彼自身がインテリアやエクステリアのデザイナーであるため、空間をとてもよく理解しているからだと思います。それは彼の作品すべてに表れています。

Message from Scott Lynn Riley

Hello, I am Scott Lynn Riley. I am a photographer, and today I am taking a look at Kei Sugiyama’s brand new book—very wonderful book—called Tsukijiko, about Tokyo’s old fish market. And just about everything about the old fish market is delt with very beautifully in the photographs in this book. It shows people, activities, beautiful tools, the machines, all kinds of materials, from wood to stone and so on, glass, and more than that it shows the community, it shows the festivals. So all of those things are very wonderful. But there is another thing about it that is very interesting to me as a photographer—Sugiyama’s picturing of spaces. His spaces are not like everyone else’s spaces. Particularly because he himself is an interior and exterior designer, he know spaces very, very well. You can see this in everything he does. So take a look at his book and see how beautifully Sugiyama photographs spaces. They seem to have a soul, they have a feeling.

プロフィール / Profile

Scott Lynn Riley
Worldwide Photographer, Writer, Cultural Historian